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Union wins backpay for member!

UE Local 1004 has won backpay money from the hospital for one of our members after winning a grievance over the hospital’s failure to uphold new contract language.

1004 wins$

In our last contract negotiations with the hospital, the Union won new language meant to prevent the hospital from taking advantage of workers who help out the hospital when they are short staffed. Article 14.I says that if an employee comes in for extra shifts when asked to do so, the hospital cannot call them off later in their work week if the employee is clear with staffing that they want to work. The hospital has to pay at least four hours of pay.

That’s exactly what happened to our member, Jay, a CNA. She helped out the hospital by working extra shifts this summer. When the staffing office tried to call her off of her regular shift later in the week, she invoked the contract and said she wanted to work.

The hospital gave Jay the run-around about getting her four hours of report-in pay, and Jay called the Union. The Union filed a grievance for her over the hospital’s clear violation of this language, and we won! Jay will be getting backpay!

If you have questions about how this provision works, or if you think our contract with the hospital has been violated, call the Union today. We can only help you if you let us know there is a problem.