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Attend Special Meetings on your Legal Rights, Mon. Oct 12

Recently, the union was made aware that a former nurse at the hospital filed a claim that has resulted in a class action which will include UE members and former members. See the attached letter from one of the attorneys handling the case for more information.

In our last contract negotiations, the hospital proposed language that requires employees covered by the contract to pursue claims against the hospital through arbitration, rather than the court system, unless they “opt out” of this arbitration procedure within 30 days after an employee is aware of a circumstance that might need to be pursued through legal recourse.

Please attend a meeting with these attorneys on Monday, October 12, to learn more. Meetings will be held at 4 pm and 7:30 pm at the Hilton Garden Inn (near the intersection of Magic Mountain Pkwy and The Old Road), but members are encouraged to stop by any time that is convenient between 4 and 9 pm to have their questions answered. Your action may be required in order to benefit financially from this case.

Even if you are no longer employed by the hospital, we encourage you to attend a meeting to learn more.

Henry Mayo UE Letter Oct 12