Contract Negotiating Committee Nominations Now Open

Negotiations over a new contract with the hospital are right around the corner, so it’s time for the local to start planning on how to win the best contract possible. Having a strong Negotiating Committee is an important first step.

In UE, the slogan “The Members Run This Union” extends to the bargaining table, where members of the local—your fellow hospital employees—will represent you during contract negotiations. The bargaining team is comprised of members and national staff. One of the spots will be filled by UE 1004’s President, Debbie Rivas, in accordance with the local’s constitution.

There are six other slots on the Negotiating Committee can be filled by any member of the local.

It’s important that the bargaining team represents members from across the bargaining unit so that the concerns of workers in different roles are addressed as they arise during negotiations.

Who makes a good negotiator? It’s important that members of the negotiating team are willing to speak up and not be easily intimidated, but it’s also important that they are willing to work collaboratively with other members of the committee. Under our contract, members of the Negotiating Committee are given releases from work in order to attend negotiations.

Training for the committee will occur in October. Negotiations will probably begin in November, will continue into December, and may last into January 2017.

If you would like to nominate yourself or a coworker in your department to be on the Negotiating Committee, please provide the name and department of the nominee, as well as your name. You can do this at a union event or the office. Alternatively, email the same information to

Nominations are open now and will remain open through Sunday, September 25. After that, the union will contact and confirm each nominee’s candidacy before being placed on the ballot for the Negotiating Committee.

Elections for the Negotiating Committee will take place on September 27 & 28. See the calendar for details.