2017-2020 Contract

Click here for the entire Contract – this outlines wages, benefits and general working conditions: Henry Mayo_UE — CBA (02.01.17 – 01.31.20) If you would like a physical copy, please contact one of your Executive Board members. Contact Info here.

Quick info about the Contract:

Under the Collective Bargaining Agreement ratified by the membership in February, 2017, some of the improvements in the new contract will automatically benefit you, such as the new pay rates attached to the Performance Evaluation scale.

However, you as an employee will need to know how to access other contract benefits.

IF… THEN… Important Tips Relevant Contract Article
You are called off from a shift but you would like to have work that day… Ask to be placed on the list to float to other departments where you are able to work. If there are vacancies in other areas, you will be first on the floating list to fill those spots. ·      If called off, you are not required to float elsewhere. If you’d rather have the time off, you can still take it!

·      The ability to float to other depts. depends on your individual documented competencies in different depts.

Article 24 & Article 25


Page 30/ 31

The hospital asks you to come in to work on a day you were not scheduled, and you agree to help them by coming in, but later in the work week, they call you off a shift… Invoke the contract, and they have to let you work at least four hours, or pay you four hours reporting pay, even if it’s overtime! ·      You must invoke the contract! This benefit does not happen automatically!

·      When the hospital calls to take away a shift later in the week, say, “I invoke my contract rights not to be called off. I worked an extra shift earlier in the week to earn Overtime.”

Article 14.J


Page 17-18

You are called off from a shift and choose to use PTO to cover your lost hours of work… These called off/flex off PTO hours will count towards the 40 hrs used in 6 mo. needed in order to cash out PTO on either June 1 or Dec. 1. In order to cash out 40 hrs of PTO, you must have at least 160 hrs accrued and use at least 40 scheduled or call off/flex off PTO hrs in the prior 6 mo. period. Article 16.A. Section 17


Page 18/19/20

You are disciplined in a manner you think is not fair, or you think the contract has otherwise been violated… Get in touch with your steward to file a grievance!

Or call the Union Office (contact below).

You only have TEN DAYS to file a grievance from the date the discipline is given or the event occurred. Article 12


Page 8

You feel you have been the victim of discrimination on the job… Get in touch with the Union to file a grievance!


·      Under the new contract, claims against the hospital (not including Worker’s Comp) must be funneled through the Grievance and Arbitration Procedure. Article 29


Page 33-37

Other Rights to Know About:

  • You have the right to one 15-minute unpaid break for every four hours worked. This is in addition to your half hour meal breaks. (Article 19.A & 19.B)
  • If you miss a meal break or other break, you are entitled to an additional hour of pay as compensation. However, you must notify your supervisor within 48 hours of the missed break occurrence. Email notification is sufficient. (Article 19.C)
  • Requests for Time Off cannot be unreasonably denied if properly submitted, and the hospital must notify you as to whether or not the request is approved within two weeks of submission. If your request is denied, ask for a reason why. (Article 26.B)
  • If you are promoted or transferred the Hospital has the right to change the day of your annual evaluation – this doesn’t impact your seniority, it only impacts the date of your evaluation.
  • Your raise happens when you have your annual evaluation – make sure to ask to see the minimum, mid-point and maximum or your job classification!