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Tentative Agreement Reached for 2017-2020 Contract

After two months of negotiations and many important discussions, UE Local 1004 has reached a Tentative Agreement with the hospital. Below you can see contract highlights and a comparison with the prior contract. The Negotiating Committee worked many long hours to achieve a fair and equitable contract that all members deserve.

This Agreement has the full support of your Negotiating Committee. 

As always, every member has the right to vote on the TA so please stop by the Pavilion Meeting Room on Wednesday, February 8 anytime between 7am and 8pm.



The union’s goal was to implement a new wage scale to add clarity and equity to members’ pay. We convinced the hospital that too many members are being left behind in the pay for their job classifications.

  • Provides larger increases for those at the bottom of the pay grade for their job classificationswhich is most members (see bold lines in scale below). These increases are larger than those in the previous contract.
  • Those at the top will still see annual raises (or lump sum payments in some cases) but their raises will be smaller.
  • Raises will still be given in relation to annual performance evaluations with two categories receiving raises: Meets/Solid Performer and Exceeds/Exemplar Performer.
  • Click here for the Mid-Point of each job classification.
Solid Performer (0.85-1.29) Exemplar Performer (1.30-2.00)
Comp-Ratio Increase Percentage
Min – 0.79 4.00% 4.85%
.80 – 0.94 3.00% 3.85%
.95 – 1.04 2.50% 3.50%
1.05 – 1.12 1.75% 2.50%
1.13 – Max 1.25% 2.25%


Those above the Max in their job classifications will receive their raise in an annual lump sum.

To determine wage increase:

Comp-Ratio = Base Rate divided by Mid-Point of wage range for each job classification. *Note your base rate excludes any longevity, shift or other differentials.

Example:  CNA base pay of $15.24

Mid-Point of job $17.31 = Comp-Ratio .88

Solid performer raise = 3%

New Base Rate = $15.70

Click here for additional examples & Mid-Points for each job classification.

See this chart for details on the improvements in the Tentative Agreement

2014-2017 Contract
2017-2020 Tentative Agreement
Education Benefits
– Bonuses for specialty certifications:
Initial = $300 FT, $175 PT;
Re-Cert = $200 FT, $100 PT
– Increased bonuses for specialty certifications Initial= $325 FT, $200 PT
Re-Cert= $225 FT/ $125 PT
-Secured Educational Reimbursements in the contract for all FT/PT employees.
Shift Differentials
– Evening: Depending on job grade: 85¢; $1.25; $2.50
– Night: Depending on job grade: $1.65; $2.50; $4
– Maintained prior shift differentials
– Increased preceptor differential to $1.25/hr
– Secured no-benefits differential of 15%(Hospital attempted to cut to 10%)
Health Insurance & Retirement Plan Match
Health: Full time: 85% premium paid; Part time: 75% premium paid
Retirement: Hospital matches up to 5% of Employee’s Salary
No change—secured for three years!
Paid Time
PTO hours accrued per accrual hour:
0-1 year: .0553
1-3 years: .1058
4-8 years: .1250
9+ years: .1442
-Improved accrual for those in their first year of work up to .0745. Up to additional 40 hours/year! Same great accrual rates for employees over 1 year.
– Limited sick leave available to non-benefited employees.
Time Off Requests
No recourse for members if Hospital doesn’t respond to request. Improved system for getting Time Off requests approved in a timely manner.
Scrubs: Full time/Part time = 2 sets or $80 voucher; Per diem = 1 set or $40 voucher
Specific Shirt/Pants: Full time/Part time = 2 uniforms; Per diem = 1 uniform
– Hospital to provide additional uniform for those moving from Per Diem to FT/PT.
-Members will have ability to get a replacement uniform for ones damaged at work.
Hospital Relationship
– Escorted walkthroughs
– 1 day/yr in cafeteria
– 12 hrs/mo of meeting rooms
– Union Leave: 2 employees up to 5 days/yr.
– No release for Negotiating Committee for preparation
– Union access to hospital cafeteria tripled! Now three days a year in May, July, & September.
-Next negotiations, members of the Negotiating Committee will be released by the hospital for 1 day of preparation prior to the start of negotiations.

Other Notable Changes:

  • Staffing Issues: Hospital must meet with Union within 14 days of request to discuss staffing, safety & health concerns.
  • Easier Communication Between Union and Hospital: Now we can email! Job opening postings will be emailed to the union (instead of faxed).
  • Union Dues: Dues will now be deducted all 26 pay periods, allowing the spreading of costs more evenly as members voted on three years ago.
  • Resolving Disputes with Hospital: Same grievance procedure. Clearer process for how employees bring individual claims and combine those with similar claims of other employees.
  • Meals and Rest Periods: Additional (unpaid) meal period available to those working a full double shift (not required to take it, but available). Rest periods now secured at 15 min.
  • Per Diems: Easier for PD employees working close to FT to move into a FT position.