2014-2017 Contract Agreement

We anticipate getting printed contracts at the end of June or beginning of July. We are waiting on the finalization of the signature page.

Agreement Approved!

This agreement was approved with a 96% “Yes” vote by the membership on Feb. 5. This is now the contract that is in effect.

This Agreement has the full support of the UE 1004 Negotiating Committee!

See this chart for details on the improvements in the Tentative Agreement Contract.

2011-2014 Contract

2014-2017 Tentative Agreement


Meets = 1%

Exceeds = 2.75%

Outstanding = 3.5%

New Performance Evals—see below for details

Meets = 2.75%

Exceeds = 3.25%

Shift Differentials

Evening: Job grades 1-7= 75¢;

8-17= $1; 18+= $2

Night: Job grades 1-7= $1.50;

8-17= $2; 18+= $3.50

Evening: Job grades 1-7= 85¢;

8-17= $1.25; 18+= $2.50

Night: Job grades 1-7= $1.65;

8-17= $2.50; 18+= $4

On-Call/ Standby

LVNs, Resp. Therapists,

Diagnostic Techs: $6

Others: $4.50

LVNs, Resp. Therapists,

Diagnostic Techs: $8

Others: $6

Call Backs

If you work an extra shift early in a work week, hospital can call you off from other shifts and avoid paying you Overtime.

If you work an extra shift early in a work week, invoke the Contract if the hospital tries to call you off and you’ll get no less than four hours Overtime!

PTO Cash Outs

Must use 40 hrs scheduled PTO w/in 6 mo in order to cash out 40 hrs

Must use 40 hrs scheduled or call off/ flexoff PTO w/in 6 mo in order to cash out

Resolving Disputes w/ Hospital

If you have a claim against the hospital, you’ll have 30 days to choose between using arbitration or litigation.

No changes to disputing worker’s comp. claims or reports to federal agencies

Health Insurance

Full time: 85% premium paid

Part time: 75% premium paid

No change—secured for three years!

Retirement Plan Match

Hospital matches up to 5% of Employee’s Salary

No change—secured for three years!

Call Offs/ Floating

If you are called off, you may volunteer to float to another dept., and you will be first on the float list.

Union Representation

Escorted walkthroughs; 1 day/yr in cafeteria; meeting rooms at discretion of HR; limited Staff access to new hire orientation

Escorted walkthroughs; 1 day/yr in cafeteria; 12 hrs/mo of meeting rooms; Union Staff access to new hire orientationUnion Leave—2 employees up to 5 days/yr

New Performance Evaluation System!

There will only be three whole-number options for scoring on each criteria:

  • 0 – not meeting expectations
  • 1 – meeting expectations
  • 2 – truly going above and beyond

o      Wage increases will still be based on annual reviews, with only two categories: “Meets” and “Exceeds” expectations.

o      New job descriptions are in the works. Ask a supervisor to see yours soon!

All UE 1004 members receiving a “Meets” or better are guaranteed a 2.75% raise!

New Uniform Allowances!
 The hospital is working on moving to a new uniform system. When it goes into effect, those in:

Scrubs: Full time/Part time = 3 sets or a $120 voucher for scrubs; Per diem = 2 sets or $80 voucher for scrubs

Specific Shirt/Pants: Full time = 3 uniforms + one-time $70 reimbursement for pants if not provided

Part time = 3 uniforms + one-time $35 reimbursement for pants if not provided

Per diem = 2 uniforms + one-time $35 reimbursement for pants if not provided After initial implementation, every year members will receive:

Scrubs: Full time/Part time = 2 sets or $80 voucher; Per diem = 1 set or $40 voucher

Specific Shirt/Pants: Full time/Part time = 2 uniforms; Per diem = 1 uniform